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Justice & Public Safety


Reliable and Secure Data
when you need it, every time.
In the world of public safety, data is “Mission Critical”

Today, information sharing between and among public safety agencies is as important as it is challenging. You not only have to share information, you need to do it securely. You not only have to meet today’s standards for interoperability and data exchange, but you need to be capable of working with tomorrow’s standards for interoperability as well.


You – and the public you serve – cannot allow a disruption of vital functions. They must continue, without disruption, even when large-scale information sharing implementations are happening. And you must protect your existing IT investments and data assets even as you engage in data sharing initiatives locally, regionally and at the state and national levels.

  • Secure, standards-based

  • Non-disruptive

  • Allows retention of existing technology investments

Courts, Corrections & Law Enforcement

If your agency is looking for Grants Funding for information sharing and/or emergency operations projects, please contact:

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