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Its all about Solutions

Crossflo Systems provides products that enable secure data sharing and data integration.

The company’s flagship product, the Crossflo DataExchange® (CDX), helps link data systems together and facilitates secure data sharing for any information exchange initiative in the healthcare, public safety and criminal justice markets. The solution has been designed to work directly with a number of national data sharing standards, including the NIEM (National Information Exchange Model), HL7 and FHIR.

In the healthcare space, Crossflo’s CDX is equally capable of handling exchanges for providers, insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and government entities.

At the federal level, we offer a data exchange platform that is fully aligned with NIEM and LEXS that follows government guidance for data sharing.

At the state and local public safety level, we work with state and regional Fusion Centers and Emergency Operations Centers and Regional and County Integrated Justice Initiatives.

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