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Corrections Case Study


Crossflo Assists the Country's Largest Corrections Agency to Expand and Implement NIEM 3.2
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) moves to standards-based information sharing.

                                                       In June 2016, the Project Management Office of the National Information Exchange                                                                    Model’s (NIEM) announced their latest version of their XML based standard for                                                                          exchanging information.  Included in the new release was new extensive corrections                                                                  content, submitted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR and modeled by Crossflo Systems, Inc.(Crossflo), Over 1080 data elements, describing an inmate incarcerated by federal, state, and local agencies, were added to NIEM.

CDCR had researched the use of the NIEM as a means of exchanging information with their criminal justice partners. They were looking at the content of the existing version of NIEM to determined how well it reflected the corrections domain data requirements.  CDCR concluded that they would need to extensively extend the content in order to be able to share valuable information with their exchange partners.  

Crossflo was selected to create and publish the extended NIEM content for their:

  • Hands on expertise and their knowledge base about NIEM

  • Successful history of building production information exchanges using NIEM

  • Past experience in creating and implementing enterprise models

  • Staff’s 35+ years of criminal justice information exchange and management experience

  • Past work in the development of NIEM from it’s infancy to its current version and

  • Past and current relationships with the national organization that manage the NIEM content.

  • Reasonable costs


Crossflo CDX ExchangeBuilder tool set was also selected to develop and generate the NIEM content because of its:

  • Existing Business Object Registry already contained a complete representation of the current NIEM version core and domain content.

  • Ability to capture content using business terminology and transform the content in to xml representation based on NIEM NDR.

  • Ability to compose reusable exchange use cases based of the Registry content.

  • NIEM automated artifact generation that utilized the NIEM subset generation tool web service


Within three months, Crossflo analyzed over 17,000 CDCR data points to model and generate 1080 NIEM elements representing exchange information content related to an inmate’s supervision, parole management and rehabilitation.  The content was approved by NIEM and released for use by the entire corrections community on June 15,2016.

"At the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) we struggled to utilize national data standards such as NIEM, even though we considered a great number of tools and resources. Crossflo got us on the right track quickly, and delivered a functional data model within 90 days, expanding our correctional use of the NIEM model by 25%!"

"When it comes to composing NIEM data exchanges, Crossflo has the only tools that speed and simplify that process, reducing the learning curve and development time for our staff significantly. From our experience, Crossflo System's tools and expertise are singular in the government information sharing market space." 

"We, further, sought to ensure that our work in California corrections would be of benefit to the national corrections community, and Crossflo provided us the guidance, approach and tools to achieve that goal. I now encourage all corrections agencies to explore the realities of NIEM information exchange, and highly recommend Crossflo Systems to assist in providing you the best path to business success!"

Ed Wiebe
Chief Enterprise Architect, CDCR (retired)
Member, XML Structure Task Force (NIEM)
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