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Crossflo Systems partners with HPE and their high availability, 100% fault-tolerant 

NonStop Servers to offer secure Cloud-based

Data Exchange as a Service (DXaaS)

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Crossflo has successfully changed the way the world of healthcare deals with data.

Crossflo brings more than critical data exchange software to Health Information Exchange initiatives. Crossflo, and our partners, possess the deep subject matter expertise and hands-on experience required to navigate the complexities of data-sharing in an environment of evolving industry standards and requirements. And our advanced integrated data sharing technology uses your existing infrastructure and systems to get vital information right to the point of care. Our team, and partner subject matter experts, understand all healthcare data standards and formats such as HL7, NIEM, EDI X12, FHIR and others.

The Crossflo DataExchange®
Linking proprietary systems for true interoperability, CDX allows disparate EMRs, EHRs and Hospital and Physician systems to easily share data.  A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the term of art used for such an integration/data sharing platform.

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