Hosted Services

Data Exchange as a Service (DXaaS)

A new offering from Crossflo providing businesses with a low-investment option for cloud-based data integration services.

Crossflo’s Information Exchange Solutions provides organizations with access to a proven, robust and secure, information exchange service which can fit your business needs at a manageable cost. 

Why Move to Crossflo’s Information Exchange Solutions?

Reduced Cost
Using a cloud-based environment removes the need for expensive up-front investments and the typical costs associated with on-premises infrastructure and staffing. In addition, cloud technology is subscription-based, taking the load off of capital budgets and in the end, saving money.

Highly Automated
Agencies and organizations do not need to be concerned with the management of the exchange and its distribution of information. They only concern is providing or receiving the necessary information need for their business.

Flexible and Scalable
Cloud computing offers much more flexibility than past computing models; it can be easily scaled up or down according the number of exchanges and type of exchanges to fit your business needs. As your agency increases its participation, as either provider or consumer or information, the cloud environment can be easy adjusted to the level of your use.

Easily Deployed
Designing, implementing and managing an in-house exchange architecture and individual exchanges can be a complex and costly and time consuming endeavor. Using Crossflo’s single point appliance provides you instance access to a secure and robust exchange environment.

Added Value
Not only are the solutions you need available today, but Crossflo continually adds valued exchange services and use cases to the cloud so organizations can easily take advantage of new solutions