Crossflo ExchangeBuilder® 

The professional toolset you've been searching for: Crossflo DataExchange® (CDX).

Crossflo Introduces: Information at the Speed of Business

                                                       CDX ExchangeBuilder® is a COTS-based design-time suite of tools that automates the processes and reduces the learning curve associated with creating NIEM MPDs, IEPD’s and LEXS Digest messages.  It also provides full lifecycle management of all exchange artifacts, built upon a pure XML Semantic metadata registry.  Crossflo developed and prototyped this toolset on the XRX stack of technologies.

The CDX Registry®, originally developed to be a Cloud application, contains a comprehensive canonical model of all the data elements, definitions and relationships for creating business models, logical models and physical schema packages for information exchanges. Separately, the CDX Registry® provides mappings of these canonical objects to their equivalents in the popular XML domain vocabularies (such as NIEM) to auto-generate physical schemas and IEPD’s in conformance with naming and design rules of those domains.

CDX ExchangeBuilder® allows customers to visually model their information exchanges in order to capture the business action and data requirements for IEPD (Information Exchange Package Documentation) and MPD (Model Package Description) generation.   Those models are based on:

  • Logical Business Objects --  Information or activity building blocks or components

  • Products -- Composed  information exchange packages that represent exchange payloads

  • Exchange Use Cases -- Business requirements, processes and events governing the exchange of the payload

  • Exchange Use Case IEPD -- design- and run-time artifacts used to implement the exchange

  • Projects -- A collection of Exchange Use Cases and  their related process events for enterprise management of information exchanges

Crossflo Exchange Builder is comprised of the following main components & capabilities:

CDX ExchangeBuilder® generates the IEPDs based on full conformance with any and all National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 3.0 and JRA/GRA standards

  • Registry Object Manager – Dynamic creation and management of an enterprise business data model and its components

  • Repository Exchange Use Case Composition - Composing reusable exchange information products from Registry Content and additional extended content specific to a use case or business need.

  • Registry and Repository Reconciler – User controlled identification and reconciliation of Registry content changes with exiting exchange products

  • Registry Exchange Product Composer – Composing reusable exchange information products based on the Registry content


  • Repository Object Promotion – Automated means to promote extended object content to be considered for inclusion into the enterprise data model.

  • Exchange Package Artifact Generation – Automated transformation of the information exchange use case and it business model into schema components and support documentation.

Moving into the future, CDX ExchangeBuilder® will continue to stay in conformance with NIEM and GRA standards as new versions of NIEM emerge.

This design, by business terms and generated by technical standards for XML, employs reusable data and process components.  This assures that the information exchanges are:

  • Built by the business experts

  • Not susceptible to human error in attempting to build IEPD artifacts

  • Removes inconsistent interpretation of business needs and technical implementations

  • Cost effective by lowering the need for XML knowledge and expertise

  • Developed in a minimal amount of time for artifact construction and testing

  • Updated quickly and easily