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  Crossflo DataExchange® Server

Crossflo Systems brings you integrated data sharing and enhanced data interoperability.


When your desired end result is improved efficiency and enhanced public safety services, you need real data sharing. And real data sharing starts with Crossflo DataExchange® (CDX).

Custom integrations are inflexible and simply not scalable. You need re-usable, agile solutions and methodologies. And along with flexible software, you need smart, accurate Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) to create reusable integration frameworks including:

  • Data Exchanges

  • Data Governance

  • User Permissions

  • Data Sharing Artifacts

  • Use Cases, Business & Data Models, Schemas, etc.

CDX Architecture is Future Proof.  CDX is not only a solution just for today. Because it is built on a totally open platform, this is a technology that will serve your needs far into the future.

  • Built on Open-Source Industry Standards

  • Java/J2EE “run anywhere” platform

  • Data Interoperability built on existing & evolving XML standards

  • Architected according to SOA principles

  • Reusable artifacts support additional partners and additional exchanges

Multi-query Type Capability

  • Allows support for the publication and subscription of data

  • Federated Queries as well as scheduled and on demand information exchanges

Platform Pre-Configured for connections with:

  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Postgres, MySQL, legacy systems and many others

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